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Hair styling fantasies come true

Keune Style

Beautiful styling products, lovingly re-invented to make every hair goal reality.

Texturize, tame, smooth and set

Perky short bob, slicked back and serious or messy and all over the place – life is more fun when everyone’s free to explore their own style. Even if it changes tomorrow.

Get your hands in there and get styling with our classic range of affordable yet luxurious Keune Style products. From prep to shaping to finish, we’ve got what you need to make style fantasies come true – or to take a fresh look at the classics.

To make it easy to choose the right amount of hold and shine, we added numbers to each product. The first number is the level of hold, and the second tells you about shine on scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being super hold or shine).

Even more complete

Create personal style with ease

From the absolute essentials to trusted classics and new innovations that make them go “wow!”. Every step of the way, Keune is by your side with the right styling product for all types of hair and looks.

With Keune Style, when you want volume or texture, you get it. And when they want curls, curls happen. We know what helps hair shine, stay smooth…. So prep hair, have fun shaping and styling – then finish to keep that great look going all day and night.

"Keune Style offers a versatile collection of innovative products based on the latest trends, plus trusted favorites to create modern, perfectly-imperfect hair."Daisy Kooijman, international educator


Prep: create your foundation

First things first: a perfectly primed canvas. Apply to damp hair and you’re ready to blow dry and straighten.

Shape: customize your style

Here’s where the fun begins! Add character, let it shine or go for extra matte — make your style come alive.

Finish: perfect your look

Now set your style. Use our modern go-to’s to make the look last all day and night.

Perfected by science...

Loved by stylists

Innovation doesn’t just happen in the salon – at Keune, we head to our laboratories, and the scientists who understand hair and scalp health and how to make styles happen. It’s part of our DNA, since our founding by chemist J.M. Keune in 1922.

And to protect hair from sun’s harmful rays, we included a UV filter in all Keune Style products

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